Monday, October 8, 2012

Finding our way

Thank you everyone for your prayers-please continue to pray for us while we are getting settled in!

The past few days we have been trying to familiarize ourselves with our surroundings, there is a lot of walking involved.  We went to a nearby farmers market and the park with Shay and Ashlyn on Saturday while Juli was at a conference.  Yesterday (Sunday) we had our first worship with the North Dublin Christian Community-It was an incredible experience feeling so close to the people we just met.  Natalee and I took a train to Howth, a nearby village off the coast of the Dublin Bay, we got to walk around and see the lighthouse there on the boardwalk.

Today we travelled to the City Centre with Juli to fill out an application for volunteer work at Oxfam and meet the ladies we'll be working with.  Natalee and I start Thursday morning-I am thrilled to be in the heart of Dublin, surrounded by the culture and the people of Ireland!

This week we will get to shadow Shay as he teaches english classes and leads the bible studies in the coffee shop.  I am looking forward to see what the Lord has in store!

                                     (Natalee and I "riding the cow" with Ashlyn at the park!)

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  1. Hey girls! I am so glad you started this blog! Just wanted to comment to let you know that I (and lots of other people) are reading it and are anxious to hear about all your adventures and the work you are doing in Ireland for the kingdom. Love both of you!