Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween for the Irish

Halloween originated in Ireland several thousand years ago, this holiday is a big deal to some of the Irish.   They enjoy it in a different way than we do in America, back home we enjoy carving our pumpkins and having tons of candy to eat/pass out to the kids-here, they enjoy it more for the creepiness.  Also, the young teenage boys have bonfires in the neighborhoods-that will be entertaining!  So to lighten up the holiday a bit more, Natalee and I volunteered at several playgroups each day and did face/hand painting for the kids.  It was enjoyable for the kids and their parents to have us paint pumpkins, cats, ghosts, or spiders on their children.  For the not-so-brave kids, we had stickers to give them!

Here Natalee is painting a  little boy's hand....he was Michael Jackson, he took his costume off..

And here "Buzz Lightyear" is painting my hand...he was precious!

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