Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Routine of Things

Hello Everyone!
   This week has been incredible!  We are a part of two coffee shop bible studies: One is with Juli and the ladies, we are studying the book of Mark.  The other one on Thursday evenings is with Shay, we are studying Acts.  Our friend Dee, has been coming to the studies, and has also joined us for worship on Sunday.
   Once a week we are helping Juli with a morning playgroup.  There are more parents/au pairs and children than we had expected-Juli tried to "warn" us, it was and will be so much fun!  We get to sing fun songs, and play fun games with the kids-and help set up/clean up afterwards.  It's a wonderful way to spend time with the parents and the young au pairs that bring the kids.
   On Friday, we got an opportunity to go to Belfast in Northern Ireland.  We went with a couple on the team, along with some friends of theirs.  The group of us went to the Titanic Museum there in Belfast, which had more history about Belfast and the general ship building that it was known for.  There was quite a bit of information about the Titanic as well, we knew what to expect at the end-it was heartbreaking.  The day was a blessing non the less, everyone had fun and we all enjoyed each other's company!
   Saturday was little Ashlyn's birthday-She turned 3!  Along with the team members, a few kids and their parents from the playgroup came.  Ashlyn had lots fun, got lots of fun toys, and ate lots of sweets...and so did we!  Later that evening we had a girls night with a few young ladies who have come to worship.  It was a chance to encourage them and show them Christ, we are praying for more opportunities to do that.
   We are looking forward to this week, and the weeks to come.  It is a comfort to know we have everyone back home praying for us!  God is so good!

Thought those who know Shay would appreciate this!  He's "having tea" with Ashlyn on her new princess table while she pretends to be a mouse!


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