Monday, October 15, 2012

Moving In

   For those of you who don't know, Natalee and I have been living with Shay and Juli this past week.  Our prior living arrangements did not work out-it was a blessing to spend that time with Shay, Juli, and Ashlyn.  We found a place not too far from them, and it's about a 3 minute walk from another couple on the team.  We moved in Saturday night, after Shay and I (Jenny) watched the Texas/OU game, which by the way was a huge disappointment.

  On Sunday morning we, along with the rest of the team, worshipped with the Ranelagh Christian Church.  It was a blessing to be with so many believers from so many places.  Sunday evening we had worship at the Smith's with the North Dublin Christian Community.  It was a day full of worship, and it brought us so much peace.

  Last week, on Tuesday evening we went to English Class with Shay.  There were about 12 students there, who happened to all be from Poland. We met a young girl that arrived in Dublin just a few days before we had, so her english was not as good as the other students. But she was so sweet and I am praying that God will allow us to become friends.
   Thursday was our first day of work at Oxfam-it was so much fun!  I (Jenny) worked the till (Cash Register) and Natalee organized and steamed clothes.  We both enjoyed it and are looking forward to going back to work!  Thursday evening we went to our first Coffee Shop Bible Study, we finished up Luke and had great discussion with other believers.  We met Dee, she's our age and from the states.  She is here interning for 5 months, this was her first study and she was thrilled to meet more Americans and more believers.  We start studying Acts this Thursday.
  Friday evening we had a "Block Party".  It is a chance to get to know people in the community and minister through meals, conversation, and games.  It was a fun night and we had a lot of people show up.

  Please pray that God will continue to use us, not just with our time with the team, but also with our free time.  Pray that we will follow His direction, and He will lead us to more opportunities.

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